The Caught Being Good App is for conscientious parents who want to build their children’s character. It is a shame-free parenting tool that provides scientifically proven techniques to increase self esteem. Unlike chore charts, our product affects long term changes in behavior.

Before You Begin

On Your Own:

Go to SETTINGS and review the rewards that come standard with the app. Edit any rewards that don’t work for your family. Add rewards by pressing the + key. For reward ideas, visit our Sample Rewards page. If you prefer, you can simply switch a reward to the OFF position. If a big reward comes up early and you don’t want to risk getting it again too soon, switch it to the OFF position in settings.

With your children:

Review the app with your children. Discuss and describe each reward. It is important that the child understands what each reward means. For example, if the child spins the reward STAY UP LATE, will it be tonight? Can they pick the day or do you? How late is late? This may be different for each child in your family. Remember, you have complete discretion over how you use the app, just be sure to communicate with your children.

If you have more than one child, and some rewards aren’t appropriate for both, place two rewards on the same space. For example: Barbie / Matchbox

More Instructions (if you like)

To enter your children’s names go to ‘Bank tab’ at the bottom of the screen and select Child 1. Tap the “Edit Name” button. Enter the child’s name, then press OK, press the back arrow and repeat as necessary. Preset maximum is four children but additional capacity is available by pressing the + button.

Press the settings tab and review the preset rewards. Change or turn off any you are not willing to grant. Some slots contain multiple reward options. Choose one reward for each slot and use your empty slots for the others you like. For example, with the reward “Choose the next movie / game / meal”, if you would like to keep all three, edit the reward by deleting game and meal, then add 2 rewards (choose the next game and choose the next meal) by pressing the + button. Remember, all rewards can be edited and your empty slots can be filled with whatever rewards you choose.

As you edit and enter rewards, select a frequency setting. Rewards with a frequency of 1 will appear on the wheel less often than any other rewards. Use the 1 frequency for bigger rewards and the 5 frequency for the rewards you would like to see more often. If a large reward has recently been granted, you may choose to turn it off until you are ready to grant it again.

Discuss the rewards with your child/children to be sure they are understanding what each reward means; the approach works best when the child feels they are getting what was promised. If you have more than one child, discuss what will happen if the wheel lands on a reward that was intended for a sibling (spin again or get an equivalent reward).

Spin the wheel either with a finger swipe across the wheel or by shaking the device. Save the reward if you are unable to grant it immediately. Saved rewards will be found in the Bank tab under each child’s name, however, duplicate rewards will not be saved. Immediate gratification works best, so the sooner you deliver the reward the better. To delete a reward, swipe across it and tap the red delete box.

For a special treat, parents can add any reward (even one not on the wheel) to the bank account of a child by pressing the + button.

Post your child’s accomplishment to your Facebook page. Don’t underestimate the power of the positive reinforcement your child will receive by having friends and family like and comment on their good behavior. You have the opportunity to add specifics to the post, so talk them up.